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After starting my business life with a Master’s degree in architecture, I soon leapt to the fast-paced world of advertising, marketing and corporate promotion. I have worked for companies including Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Mobil, Unilever, CocaCola and for all three bids for the Istanbul Olympics. My directorial accomplishments include over forty documentaries for Turkish Airlines and the award winning documentary “Breath” (Golden Orange 2009 Jury Special Award -Altin Portakal 2009 Juri Ozel Odulu). I founded and worked as the executive producer of ArtSync in Toronto which was about the Canadian art scene. After airing 300 interviews with artist it ended in 2013. Also I worked for Canadian Turkish Media Association, Turkuaz TV for the last 17 years and I am still the Executive Producer of it.
I started professional photography as an architectural photographer when I was student at the university. Over the years it evolved into a different business - Link Diabank, which than was the first stock agency in Turkey. Starting from my days of high school, I kept on shooting pictures and spent long hours in the darkroom. I had my first exhibition at Beyoglu Art Gallery in 1976 as a young student. Through out the years I was a part of many group shows and I had a solo show in Toronto “Timeless” in 2008. I love black and white photography and concentrate mostly on it.

Cuneyt Birol